8 Lipstick Shades

That Are Perfect For The Workplace

Soft Pink

Soft pink is lightly pigmented, which makes it perfect to be worn at the workplace and compliments any outfit


Mauve is a lipstick shade that goes best with all kind of skin tones and daytime outfits


When it comes to lipsticks, a simple nude shade is a gorgeous color, which can be worn at the workplace


Dark brown is too bold and funky to be worn at the workplace and hence choosing the cinnamon color is best


This pretty and feminine color, can be worn both for fancy occasions as well as at the office


Beige color lipstick goes well with all skin tones and looks perfect when worn in summer


Coral is sort of a bold and funky color, but it can go well in an office environment when carried off well


Rose is a great shade because it is sort of muted and can suit multiple skin tones

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