How Good Is Potato Juice

For The Face 

Chock Full Of Nutrients

Contrary to popular belief, potatoes have an abundance of nutrients that are great for your skin


Potato juice can help reduce age spots and wrinkles

Skin Brightening

It can lighten skin, making it a great remedy for dark circles and dark spots

Perfect Moisturizer 

Potato juice can help retain moisture in your skin making it soft and hydrated

Treat Your Acne

It has anti-inflammatory properties, and can help treat acne

Potato Juice And Milk

Keeps your skin hydrated and treats uneven skin tone

Potato Juice And Cucumber

Potato juice is perfect for oily skin and treats acne 

Potato Juice And Yellow Lentil 

Rich in Vitamin C, this mixture cleanses the skins and brightens your face

Potato Juice And Olive Oil

Your answer to treating dry skin! Both olive oil and potato juice works as a great moisturizer

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