Skincare Tips:

Before & After Workout

Before & After Workout

Clogged pores and grimy skin cause breakouts on the face. Go for a gentle cleanser for pristine, clean skin.

Use A Gentle Cleanser Before Workouts

Drinking water can help restore the lost hydration through sweating and keep your skin active.

Drink A Lot Of Water

A water-based moisturizer can keep your skin nourished and supple.

Moisturize Properly

It helps lock the products as a final layer and protects the skin by blocking UV rays.

SPF Is Must

You may use a cleanser or simply water to rinse the sweat and dirt gently.

Post-Workout: Cleanse Again

Never rub your face no matter how soft the towel is. Pat gently to soak up the moisture.

Pat Dry

To get the dryness out after cleansing, apply a cream or moisturize.

Follow Up With A Hydrating Cream

Fresh fruits after a workout is a treat for skin. Like bananas, watermelon, berries, will provide important nutrition.

Eat Fruits

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