Purple Shampoo

10 Benefits Of Using

Keeps Your Color Looking Fresh

Purple shampoo is a must-have for those who like coloring their hair bright colors

Helps Avoid Brassiness

Brassiness describes the unwanted warm, yellow tones that emerge in lightened strands, especially blonde hair

Returns Your Hair Color To A Cooler Tone

 As it cleanses strands, it dispenses purple pigment that helps return your hair color to a cooler tone

Works On Blonde Streaks

You can still use purple shampoo if you are a brunette with blonde streaks or edges

Can Also Be Considered A Toner

Any product that dispenses pigment to adjust hair tone can be considered a toner, and that includes purple shampoo

You Don’t Have To Use It Daily

While some prefer using it daily to maintain their hair, other use it only when their hair starts to turn brassy

Leave It In Your Hair According To Hair Color

If you are a warm blonde and want to maintain your shade, leave in the shampoo for just one to three minutes before you wash it off

If Your Hair Is Neutral Blonde

If your hair is a neutral shade of blonde, that is, neither warm, nor cool, leave in the shampoo for about three to five minutes before you wash it off

If You Have Cool Blonde Hair

If your blonde hair is a cooler shade you should leave in the purple shampoo for about five to fifteen minutes

Finish It Off With A Heat Protectant

If you are someone who bleaches their hair blonde, you need to make sure that you apply hair heat protectant in your hair after you wash it

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