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Quick Guide To The Korean Double Cleansing

Korean Beauty Trends Are All The Rage

We love them because they seem to be magical! 

Try Them Now!

You’re missing out on something amazing if you haven’t tried them already!

The New Kid On The Block

Double Cleansing is a new korean beauty hack that has gone viral

 Do It Yourself At Home

You don’t have to bend over backwards trying to do it, it can be easily done at home! 

Step One Of The Korean Double Cleansing Hack

Use an oil-based cleanser to remove all the dirt but also to protect the good bacteria in your skin. 

Step Two Of The Korean Double Cleansing Hack

Use a water-based cleanser next to remove all that oil from the previous step. This clears out clogged pores and freshens your face! 

Be Consistent!

Make sure you follow this every night before you get to bed. 

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