For Halloween

Quick Make-Up Tips

A Clean Start 

Make sure you keep your face clean before applying makeup

Vaseline Goes First

Apply a thin layer of vaseline before applying makeup; this helps remove makeup easily later.

To Create A Scar

Using thin coats, start drawing scars on your face

For The Fake-Blood Look

Mix lipstick, a little eyeliner, and clear lip gloss together for fake blood

For Black Teeth

To create the look of black teeth, apply black gel eyeliner or use a waterproof pencil. 

Gothic Vampire Look

For this, apply a light shade of foundation, smokey black eyes, and white eye lens!

The Creepy Doll 

First create flawless skin with extra light foundation. Add excess blush, fake lashes, and bright lipstick.

Makeup Stays Longer With This Final Tip

Use translucent powder or setting sprays so your makeup stays longer and doesn’t smudge. 

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