Bad For Your Skin

 5 Reasons Why Parabens Are Considered 

What Are Parabens?

A group of preservative chemicals present in almost all kinds of beauty products. They increase the longevity/ shelf-life of the products.

Some of the most common parabens:

Ethylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben 

Why are parabens considered to be harmful?

Although some of the harmful effects of parabens are debatable, it’s better to be aware of them. Swipe to read some of the harmful effects of parabens.

#1 They Get Absorbed By The Skin

Parabens are known to be easily absorbed by the skin. That’s how they enter the body tissues and fluids.

#2 May Influence Menstruation And Pregnancy

Parabens adversely affect estrogen activity and even mess up with reproductive function.

#3 May Cause Breast Cancer

They’re considered to mimic the estrogen present in your body, which may eventually lead to breast cancer.

#4 Can Increase The Impact Of UV Damage

Parabens can also worsen the damage caused by the UV rays on the skin, posing risks of skin cancer.

#5 May Cause Allergic Reactions In Some People

Paraben use can also cause allergic reactions like skin irritation, flakes, redness, or swelling in some people.

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