Reasons Why

Your Nails Are Brittle And Break Easily

Your Nails Are Brittle And Break Easily

These conditions cause the nails to be weak and brittle.

Skin Conditions Such As Eczema Or Psoriasis

Wetting of nails can make them dry and weak.

Washing The Dishes

It impacts the overall growth and shape of the nails.

Health Concerns Such As Hypothyroidism

This causes the nails to chip and break.

Not Filing The Nails Correctly

Highly-stressed lifestyles stop mineral absorption which leads to brittle nails.


Make sure your diet is infused with high lean-protein foods.

Not Consuming Enough Iron

As it causes the nails to become weak and slows down the growth.

Fungal Infections

It weakens the immunity which causes brittle nails.


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