5 Expert Tips

To Fight Oily, Greasy Scalp.

To Fight Oily, Greasy Scalp.

Oily scalp refers to a scalp which produces excess sebum.

What Is Oily Scalp?

It makes your hair look oily, greasy and flat even after washing your hair.

What Does It Do To Your Hair

According to experts, here are some simple and effective ways to manage oily scalp.

How To Fix Oily Scalp?

Washing hair once a day or every alternate day helps get rid of excess oil, sebum and dirt.

Wash Hair Often

Diluting the shampoo can help it spread evenly throughout the scalp thereby resulting in better cleansing.

Dilute Your Shampoo Before Using It

Using a shampoo that contains green tea extracts can help reduce sebum production and nourish the scalp.

Try Green Tea Shampoo

Shampoo needs time to clean the scalp, that is why after applying it you need to leave it on for sometime.

Let The Shampoo Stay For A Minute Or Two

Conditioner is not supposed to be used on the scalp, but instead just on the hair tips.

Use Conditioner The Right Way

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