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Sesame Seed Oil Benefits

What are sesame seeds?

A nutty flavored seed widely used in the Asian cuisine. It’s also called Til in some parts of India.

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Sesame seed oil also has a lot of skin and hair benefits. Swipe next to explore more about them.

Helps Reduce Sunburns

Sesame seed oil can help reduce sun tans when applied after sun exposure.

Helps Detoxify The Skin

Since sesame seeds contain antioxidants, their oil can effectively detoxify the skin.

Helps Enhance The Glow

Using sesame seed oil regularly helps enhance the glow of your skin, making it softer and clearer.

 Helps Tighten The Skin

Along with smoothening the skin, this oil also makes the facial skin pores tighter, making the skin appear more plump and youthful.

Helps Heal The Skin

Sesame oil is also good for healing minor cuts and abrasions on the skin.

Helps Promote Hair Growth

Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids present in sesame oil promote the growth of hair. It also stimulates and nourishes the scalp.

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