5 Helpful Tips To Protect Skin

Before Going For A Swim

Before Going For A Swim

Chlorine that treats bacteria can also strip away the skin’s natural protective oil.

Is Chlorine- treated Water Bad For Skin?

Dry skin, rashes, and premature aging are some of the common problems you can face if you swim regularly.

What Skin Problems Can This Lead To?

Yes! Read on to know simple steps to protect your skin from the adverse effects of the pool’s water.

Can We Protect Skin From Chlorine-treated Water?

This will not only protect your skin from the harmful sun rays but also prevent the chlorine treated water from drying it out.

Go For A Water Proof Sunscreen

A thick moisturizer prevents the chlorine water from drying out your skin.

Use A Thick Moisturizer

Taking a shower before entering the pool helps the skin to stay hydrated.

Take A Quick Shower

Although swimming might not make you thirsty, taking sips of water is a simple yet effective way of keeping your skin hydrated.

Keep Sipping Water

Makeup provides the perfect sticky base for chlorine to stick to. Better Avoid.

Avoid Makeup

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