Need To Know About

Skin And Hair Care Facts You

Moisturizer Is Dry Skin's All-Time Bestie

It helps seal the natural moisture, and it gets absorbed by the skin quickly.

Myth About Head Wash

Daily head wash doesn't cause more hair loss.

Applying Sunscreen Daily Is A Must

It protects the skin from UV rays and reduces the signs of aging.

Sunglasses Protects Against Crow's Feet Wrinkles

It'll avoid you from squinting in the sun, thus protecting you from crow’s feet wrinkles. 

Opt For Anti-Aging Products In Your 30s

It will help in slowing down the aging process and reduce dark spots.

Conditioner Is Important After Every Wash

It helps in detangling the hair and makes them super smooth.

Don't Change Your Hair Products Frequently 

It not only leads to hair fall but also makes it rough.

Go For Toxin Free Products

Always buy products that are dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin.

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