Avoid During Winters

Skin And Haircare Ingredients To

Don’t Use Products With Denatured Alcohols

It can dry the skin. Avoid foundations, lipsticks, and primers containing alcohol.

Say No To Retinol-infused products

This anti-aging elixir can irritate the skin, especially during winter months.

Stay Away From Toners During Winters

Toners can rob off moisture from skin and cause irritation.

Fragrances Are A Big No Go!

Synthetic fragrances can worsen skin conditions in the winter months.

Save The Glycolic Acid-infused Products For The Spring

Adding this ingredient to your routine can be an overkill if you have dry skin.

Avoid Bleaching Your Hair

Winter months already make your hair dry, and coloring can make it even worse.

Don’t Exfoliate With Harsh Scrubs

Over-exfoliating with harsh scrubs can cause irritation and itchiness.

Avoid Using Salicylic Acid During Winter

It can scab the skin surface and dry out the skin further.

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