Turmeric: A Protective Skincare Ingredient

Apart from its healing properties, turmeric application can do wonders for skin health.


Anti-inflammatory in nature, it prevents bacteria from causing pimples and acne.

Bid Adieu To Acne

Redness, burn, or tan, turmeric can help reduce skin irritation.

Treats Sun Damage

It brightens skin by preventing pigmentation and leaves a fresh glow.

Glowing Effect

Turmeric helps fade wrinkles and fine lines, as the ‘curcumin’ present in it promotes skin cell growth.

Anti-Aging Benefits

‘Kasturi Haldi’ can be used as a face scrub to remove facial hair.

Removes Facial Hair

It controls excess production of sebum, which is a blessing for people with oily skin.

Good For Oily Skin Type

Antimicrobial and antioxidant, turmeric can help heal eczema and other serious skin conditions.

Healing Properties

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