You Should Know

Pre-workout Skincare Hacks 

Cleanse Your Face Before Workout

This will help remove dirt from your skin. 

Pat Your Face With Cold Towel

It'll eliminate any residue, sweat, and dirt. 

Refresh Your Face With Facial Mist Or Toner

For an extra boost of hydration and instant nourishment. 

Apply Moisturizer

Excessive sweating can cause dehydration and dries out the skin which is why moisturizer is needed. 

Wash Your Face After Workout

Don't sit with a sweaty face, so make sure you wash your face right after the workout. 

Exfoliate Twice A Week

After you wash your face, exfoliate to remove lingering sweat, grime, and dirt. 

Apply Face Serum 

It offers extra hydration and reduces large pores that open during workouts. 

Opt For Salicylic Acid 

Your skin is prone to acne after a workout session. So, apply salicylic acid. However, consult with your doctor first.

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