That Are Not That Bad

‘Scary’ Skincare Ingredients

Alcohol Content

Fatty alcohols like Stearyl, Cetearyl are more hydrating than the ones that dry or irritate the skin.

Acid Or Chemicals

Your fruits and veggies contain acids. AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs can help remove acne, are anti-aging, and also unclog pores. 


Not all fragrances are irritating to the skin. Mildly fragrant products will not cause much damage.

Paraben & Silicone

It is feared that these will stick on hair and skin, but a good formula will actually protect your skin. 


They help maintain the effectiveness of the product and make it last longer.

Sulfate In Shampoo & Conditioner 

Without sulfate, your hair will remain greasy, especially in the summer heat.

Chemical Sunscreens

The chemical filter creates a shield against UV rays which saves your skin from damage and prevents tanning. 


Only if you have hyper-sensitive skin, these ingredients can prove harmful. Most skin and hair types can handle these easily. 

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