Make During Dry Weather

Skincare Mistakes You Should Not

Dry Weather = Dry Skin?

Cold, dry weather often leads to dry and dull skin. 

Not All Flakes Are Made Of Snow!

To avoid dry, flaky skin, avoid making these skincare mistakes.

No Sunscreen

Hot or cold, humid or dry, always wear sunscreen, even indoors.

Light Moisturizer

Your skin needs layers of moisturizer during dry weather, and a light moisturizer won’t suffice for it.

Too Much Of Anything…

Use a gentle cleanser during cold, dry weather instead of harsh ones that disrupt your skin’s pH balance.

Hot Water

Using hot water to wash your face and body can strip them off their oils and lead to patchy, dry skin.

No Hydrating Ingredients

If you use skincare products without hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, switch!

Not Doing Enough

Don’t skip washing your face twice a day because it’s cold and dry. Your skin accumulates dirt and grime that need to go, no matter the weather!

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