Want You To Stop Believing

Skincare Myths That Dermatologists

All-Natural Products Are Great For Skin

Some of these products contain preservatives that can cause irritation in your skin.

You Will Eventually Outgrow Acne

There are many triggers for acne, like stress and cosmetics, irrespective of age.

Hot Water Opens Pores, Ice Helps Close Them

Pores do not open or close on their own, nor are they temperature-sensitive.

Drinking A Lot Of Water Can Prevent Dryness

Water isn’t a miracle worker. Use moisturizers to treat dryness instead.

Regular Facials Are A Must Once You Turn 30!

Facials are calming but science has proved it has no effect on skin health.

Toothpaste Is A Quick Fix For Pimples

Older toothpaste formulations contained triclosan that killed acne, but not anymore!

Red Wine Is Great For Skin

It is only to some extent but having it daily can be detrimental to your skin.

Facial Exercises Prevent Wrinkles

The constant movement of facial muscles can cause more wrinkles than reducing them.

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