How To Treat Burns From Skin Care Products

Fragrances and preservatives in cosmetic and skin care products can cause skin burns.

How Does Skin Care Products Cause Burns?

Common symptoms include redness, burning sensation, swelling, itching and hives.

What Are The Symptoms?

You can treat this burns at home by following these simple tips:

How To Treat These Burns?

Stop using all skincare products to give your skin a break and time to recover.

Pause All Cosmetic Products:

Replenish the moisture in your skin by moisturizing multiple times in a day.

Restore Your Skin’s Moisture Barrier:

Include ingredients in your skincare regimen that are known for their soothing properties.

Include Skin Soothing Ingredients:

To protect your aggravated skin, use sunscreen liberally before stepping out.

Do Not Skip Sunscreen

Using a hydrating moisturizer will help your skin heal faster.

Focus On Hydration

To know more about how to treat skin burns naturally