New Contouring

Why ‘Soft Sculpting’ Is The 

What Is Soft Sculpting?

Soft-sculpting is the gentle contouring technique for natural-looking cheekbones. It is a subtler, more diffused take on contouring.

Why We Love It?

This method is more suited for real life, and is wearable on an everyday basis because it is more natural-looking!

How To Soft Sculp Your Face?

The idea is to be gentle with your makeup. No matter what you do, keep it minimal and don’t overdo it! 

Moisturize First! 

This always is step one. Begin with moisturizer to prevent your skin from looking dry and lifeless. 

Go Ahead With Your Base Makeup

You know the drill. Go by the usual foundation - primer- concealer routine!

Start With The Cream Contour

After doing your base make-up, use a cream contour product to accentuate your cheekbones.

Cheekbones Are The Highlight 

Apply the formula above the of your cheeks and extend it to the center of your eye. Do not drag your brush as that will just move your foundation and concealer around.

Next Up Is Blush

Use a creamy, shimmer-free formula that sinks into the skin. Make sure you smile before applying it to create a look that’s more lifted and fresh.

Use Your Highlighter 

Take a cream highlighter that is glitter- and shimmer-free and with a very dense brush, tap it on the high points of your cheekbones and nose. You’re all set! 

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