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Pastel Nails To Rock This Summer

Pastel Nails To Rock This Summer

This soothing color trend simply gets better like wine. Check out different ways to wear pastel nails.

The Pastel Trend

Give your pastel French manicure a fun twist by painting the tips with a separate color. Classy!

Blingy pastels are in for fun summer parties and exude an overall glam look.


Go for a co-ord pastel moment by painting each nail with an alternative pastel shade.

Mismatched Pastels

Choose a base pastel shade. Use your desired tool (brush or dotting tool) to work your magic.

Exotic Sketch-Style Art

The classic, plain double coat would look majestic with long nails, whether it’s natural or with extensions.

Plain But Classic

You can never go wrong with florals!

Floral Pastels

Singular abstract patterns are all the rage. Spice up your pastel nails with some swirly or geometric art.

Experiment With Patterns

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