Try These Summer Fruits

For Luscious Hair

For Luscious Hair

Sun rays can cause a lot of damage to the scalp as well as hair.

Summer Hair Damage

Consuming the following summer fruits will help keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Fruits To The Rescue

Rich in iron, guava helps stimulate oxygen flow to the roots for stronger hair follicles.


Oranges and papaya for example, are rich in Vitamin C which is great for scalp health.

Citrus Fruits

High in water content, watermelon can help fix dehydration that causes hairfall or thinning.


Mangoes are rich in various vitamins and minerals, which is important for strong hair.


Strawberries and gooseberries support hair growth as high sources of antioxidants.


Potassium present in bananas helps make hair soft and lessens the scope of split ends.


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