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7 Summer Skin Ailments And

How Does Summer Skin Look?

The sebaceous glands produce more sebum during the hot months, leading to dull and oily looking skin.

Does It Lead To Many Skin problems?

Below are listed a few issues that might crop up during the summer and their solutions.


Staying hydrated and washing hands and face with a mild face wash can help prevent acne breakouts. 

Dry Skin

Staying hydrated and moisturized helps battle the sun’s drying effects. 

Prickly Heat

Wearing loose, breathable cotton clothing can help combat the problem of prickly heat. 


Applying sunscreen not only protects one from SunBurn but also from skin cancer. 


Avoiding direct sun rays, wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen are some ways to prevent this skin condition. 

Skin Irritation

Using natural face packs consisting of aloevera gel and sandalwood powder helps soothe the skin and prevent irritation. 

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