How To Prevent And Remove Sun Tan?

How To Prevent And Remove Sun Tan?

Blazing summers increase the chances of tanning quickly. Here is how you can prevent it!

Summer & Tan

Make sure to apply Sunscreen before stepping out into the sun.

Never Step Out Without Applying Sunscreen

If you are spending the day out, carry a cap, scarf, or any such cover to help block out the rays.

Always Carry A Cover

Hydrate your skin. Applying water-based creams can also help lock the sunscreen in.

Use Water-Based Moisturizer

Use lemon juice and honey, rose water and cucumber or tomato juice and curd face pack to remove tan.

DIY Face Mask

Glycolic, kojic, as well as lactic acid can help lighten tan marks.

Use Creams With Glycolic or Kojic Acid

It is a very effective way to reduce tan. Gets rid of pigmented dead skin cells.


Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C with antioxidants which prevents skin from sun-burns.

Consume A Lot Of Fruits

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