5 Ways In Which Amla Works For Your Hair

Maybe it's time to try something natural instead of those chemical-based products.

Tired Of Hair Fall And Dry Hair?

Also known as amrit (nectar) for hair, amla nourishes hair to make it strong.

Did You Try Amla?

Can be used as an oil or in powder form. Read on to know the benefits.

How To Use Amla?

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps stimulate healthy hair growth.

Helps In Hair Growth

The vitamin C in this fruit helps cure dryness and prevents dandruff.

Treats Dandruff

A natural conditioner, it can nourish your hair, leaving it soft and silky.

Serves As A Natural Hair Conditioner

It helps strengthen hair follicles thereby facilitating hair growth.

Strengthens Hair

The surplus of Vitamin C can help halt premature graying and enhance natural hair color.

Controls Grays

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To know more about the health benefits of amla juice forĀ  skin, hair and health