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Sweat-Free Beauty Hacks

It’s Not Just About Water-Resistance 

It is important to use waterproof makeup, but a smart hack is to mix it with oil-free makeup. Let’s find out how! 

Tip 1: Oil-Free Primer Before Makeup

Use a light oil-proof primer before applying makeup. You can mix it with your concealer too to avoid creasing into fine lines. 

Tip 2: Say Yes To Water-Based Moisturizers

Oily or creamy moisturizers will simply lead to excessive sweat, so pick moisturizers that are light and water-based. 

Tip 3: Setting Spray Magic 

Invest in long-lasting setting sprays after applying makeup, as it ensures that your face remains dry. 

Tip 4: Liquid Matte Lipsticks For The Win! 

Glossy & creamy textures will melt in the heat if you are exercising hard, but liquid matte lip colors last long and stay firm until the end of the day. 

Tip 5:  Lip Tints For Intense Workouts 

Avoid bold lipsticks with thick textures as they can smudge and melt. Add a gorgeous color by applying lip tints. Apply some lip balm before it for a shine. 

Tip 6: Use Powder-Base Instead Of Gel Or Cream

Powder-based makeup products, whether it’s a compact or eyeshadow keep your skin dry and prevent excessive sweat from breaking out. 

 Tip 7: Avoid Using Brush To Blend Your Makeup

In sweaty conditions, a damp makeup sponge works much better than a brush. While applying foundation, you can smoothly slather it on without unevenness.

Tip 8: Don’t Rub & Dab With A Soft Towel

If the heat still leaves you sweating when makeup on, use a soft towel to dab lightly & let it absorb the sweat. Rubbing it hard can mess up the perfect blend. 

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