Upgrade Your Skincare Regime With

The French Facial Routine

The French Facial Routine

The French Facial Routine has eight steps and can be curated  as per skin concerns.

Made For You

This routine uses different combinations of scrubs, creams, and serums for different skin concerns.

A Concoction Of Skincare Products

Like a regular skincare routine, start this procedure by cleansing your face to remove dirt, makeup, and oil.

Where Do You Start?

Pat a few drops of mild toner on your face to refresh it while retaining moisture.

Prep Your Face

Steam is too harsh for the delicate skin, but thermal energy is mild and works wonders to rid the skin of toxins and keep it clean and fresh!

Bask In That Thermal Energy

It enhances the skin’s molecular energy and reduces blackheads and whiteheads.

Dynamic Ionization

Dive into the mild fragrance of essential oils and give your skin a gentle massage for an enhanced glow.

Face Massage

Follow up the routine with the required sun protection, moisturizer, under-eye creams, and voila! Smooth, gorgeous skin, right here!

Aftercare Is Essential

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