Pubic Hair At Home

 The Best Ways To Remove 

Removing Pubic Hair Is A Matter Of Hygiene 

So, here are the best ways to remove pubic hair at the comfort of your home. 

Use A Pair Of Scissors To Trim Down 

Trim your pubic hair using a clean and sharp scissor, but make sure to do it under good lighting to avoid any risk of injury. 

Get An Over-the-counter Wax Strip 

Bae, you must be apprehensive of waxing your vaginal area. Please don’t. Many over-the-counter wax strips are easy to use and truly effective. 

Prefer Painless Pubic Hair Removal Using A Cream 

Go for a chemical-free hair removal cream and avoid painful ‘ouch….’ waxing moments. 

 Try Tweezing 

Though a time-consuming task, tweezing out hair from your bikini line area is a safe and cost-effective hair removal solution.

 Make DIY Recipes 

Mix Papaya pulp with a few drops of sesame oil. Ta-Da, your homemade hair removal mixture is ready. Well, papaya contains natural hair removal enzymes. 

At-Home Sugaring 

Remove unwanted vaginal hair by using a mixture of sugar and lemon juice. It is the best way to stunt hair growth and it works even in your pubic area. 

Resort To Mechanical Epilator Devices 

Pubic hair can be easily removed with the help of a mechanical epilator. It is painful but gives a long-lasting result.   

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