Skin Care Products

The Best Ways To Use

Follow A Proper Day And Night Time Routine

Following a proper skincare routine during the day and night helps skin stay healthy and hydrated. 

Be Consistent With The products

Switching products often or not being regular with the ones you are using will prevent you from gaining the skincare benefits that the products offer.

Wait For 28 Days

As a general rule, to see whether a product is working for you or not, you need to use it for at least 28 days. 

Be Aware of Your Skin Type

Using a product that is not suitable for your skin type can further worsen an existing skin condition. 

 Introduce New Products One At A Time

When trying new products, don’t use multiple ones simultaneously as it will not let you be aware of which one is suiting you and which one is not. 

 It’s Okay To Mix And Match

All your products do not need to be from the same brand. Choose what suits you the best. 

Always Go For The Patch Test

The patch test is the best way to identify whether your skin is compatible with a new product. 

Focus On Application Process

Apply skincare products with your fingers and in the correct sequence to see a difference. 

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