Your Cheat Sheet For Monsoon Makeup

Wearing makeup shouldn’t be hindered, no matter the weather.

Makeup Lovers, Unite!

Relatable. Makeup can get patchy and drippy in the monsoon.

Love The Rains, Hate The Humidity?

Swipe to find out a few monsoon makeup tricks.

Why Should Rains Spoil All The Fun?

Use a water-based moisturizer before applying makeup to help absorb oil and get a smooth base.


Powder-based products inhibit excess oil production.

Powder Over Cream

Avoid lip-gloss and creamy lipsticks because they bleed.

Mattes Don’t Bleed

Waterproof makeup, especially for the eyes, is a must in monsoons.

Choose Waterproof

Always carry wet wipes to give your smudged makeup a quick fix.

Wet Wipes To The Rescue

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