The Right Way

Tips And Tricks To Color Your Hair

Why Should One Be Careful While Hair Coloring?

Because hair coloring can transform your personality if it’s done right.

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We’ve curated some easy tips and tricks to amp up your hair coloring game. Swipe next to know how to do it the right way.

#1 Testing It On A Hair Strand

Test your hair color on a small hair strand before you apply it all over your hair. This saves you from a coloring mishap

#2 Two Hair Color Boxes

If your hair length goes below your shoulders, or your hair is usually dry, in both cases, you would need double the quantity of hair color you use.

#3 Color + Shampoo For Dry Ends

Since the dry ends of hair absorb more color being porous,do last. Just 3-4 minutes before washing your hair, apply a combination of shampoo & hair color to dry ends.

#4 Drops Of Water For Consistent Color

To make the color job look even, right before washing off your hair color, sprinkle some water on your hair and massage thoroughly. 

#5 Conditioning After Coloring

Conditioning hair after coloring replenishes the hair moisture loses while coloring & shampooing. It also closes the open cuticles preventing the color from getting dark.

#6 Choosing The Right Shampoo

All of your efforts are going to go in vain if you don’t use a shampoo that can protect & retain your hair color. So use a color-protecting shampoo for lasting hair color.

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