Perfect Fluttery Eyelashes

To Achieve

10 ways

Finish Off Your Eyeliner/ Eyeshadow First


Make sure you apply eyeshadow before the mascara to avoid powdery lids

Start By Using An Eyelash Curler


An eyelash curler is a great way to give your eyelashes extra curl

Apply The First Coat Of Mascara


To achieve thick eyelashes, you will need more than one coat

Brush Some Baby Powder In Between Coats


Baby powder will help make your lashes look thicker

 Apply The Second Coat Of Mascara


A second coat will help add more volume to your lashes

Place Your Mascara Bottle In Warm Water To Thin Consistency


If your mascara is too thick, place it in warm water before use

Apply The Mascara In A Wriggling Motion


This is the best way to avoid clumpy lashes and retain the curl

A Debit Card Can Stop Mascara From Getting On Your Eyelid


Placing a debit/credit card against your eyelid will prevent stains

Use A Toothbrush To Declump Excess Mascara 


Brushing your eyelashes with a toothbrush once you’re done will help immensely

Curl Again If Necessary


Consider curling your eyelashes again if they seem to be dropping with weight

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