6 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Prevent Foot Infections

Foot infections can be caused by bacteria and fungus.

What Causes Foot Infections?

Swelling, pain, odor, open wounds and dryness of feet are all signs of foot infection.

What Are The Signs?

By taking care of your feet in the following ways, you can keep a foot infection at bay!

What Can You Do About It?

Washing feet regularly helps get rid of dirt, sweat, grime and bacteria.

Wash Your Feet Regularly.

By exfoliating your feet periodically you can avoid calluses and infections from clogged pores.


Trimming toenails prevents fungal infections and cellulitis of the feet.

Cut Your Toenails

Moisturizing your feet will stop it from getting dry or cracking.

Use Moisturizers

Avoid wearing shoes that hurt your feet to avoid sores and blisters.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

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