Makeup Lovers 

 Contact Lens Wearing Tips For

Wash Your Hands Before Wearing Lenses

To prevent bacteria from entering your eyes through your fingertips. 

Opt For Oil-Free Products

Oils in creams or eyeshadows can get into your eyes causing infection.

Wear Contact Lenses Before You Do Make-Up

It prevents makeup from getting on the contact lenses.

Be Careful With Your Waterline

Don't apply liner on the inside of the lash line to keep infections at bay.

Clean Your Make-Up Tools 

Dust and dirt build-up on the tools can cause eye infections.

Clean Your Lenses After Every Use

If you don't have daily disposable contact lenses, clean with a lens care solution.

Go For Cream-Based Eye Shadows 

Powder or glitter-based eye shadows may irritate your eyes.

Never Share Your Make-up Products

It can increase the chances of spreading eye infections.

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