Nude Makeup Code!

Tips For You To Crack The

Nude Makeup - In Summary 

Use of skin-tone-inspired colors, subtle mascara, and mellow shadow contouring. Follow these tips to perfect the nude makeup look. 

Pre-Nude Makeup Step

Before starting, hydrate your skin,  follow up with primer and dewy foundation as a base. 


Use a minimal highlighter to provide an angular look to your cheeks. 

Blush Magic 

You can go for baby pink, beige, and the like for a mellow yet vibrant look. 


The key is to not go overboard. Use black or brown mascara to lightly define your lashes. 

Lipstick Shade

Pick a nude shade that is closest to your skin tone. Matte or creamy textures suit best. 

Finishing Touches

Remove the excess foundation or highlighter, or lip gloss. Your makeup should look natural.

Other Tips 

While choosing your nude makeup shades, pick different shades from the same color family. 

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