As per Skin Tone

Tips To Find The Right Blush

Why Go For A Blush

Adding blush to your cheeks makes your skin look healthy, glowy and youthful.

Know Your Skin Tone

To find the perfect blush color, try to know your skin tone, that is, fair, light, medium or dark.

Pinch Your cheeks

The color your cheeks get when you pinch them, is the shade of blush you should be looking for. 

Shades For Fair Skin Tone

Baby pink, fresh pink, light peach, and berry hues go great with a fair skin tone. 

Shades For Light Skin Tone

Light Coral, peach and soft pink are the blush shades to keep a lookout for, in case you have a light skin tone. 

Shades For Medium Skin Tone

Rosy pink, subtle peach and shades with a tinge of apricot or orange are what goes really well with medium skin tones. 

Shades For Dark Skin Tones

For dark skin tones, go for hot corals, brick red, and deep berry shades. 

Powder Or Cream Blush?

Powder blushes go great with oily skin, while creams ones are suitable for those having dull, dry skin.

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