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Tips To Identify Original Cosmetic Products

Beware Of Counterfeit Cosmetic Products

With so many buying options and discounts, it has become easy to fall prey to fake products. 

Buy Only From Authorized & Reputed Sellers

Be it online or offline, buying cosmetics from authorized and reputed sellers with proper receipts ensures you are buying original products. 

Closely Inspect The Packaging

Check the packaging for any font, color, size, or shape mismatch. Even the slightest variation could mean it’s fake.

Check Serial Number, Barcode, And Manufacturing Information

A fake product will not have the above information mentioned on the packaging or it will have very little information.

Look For Tamper-Proof Features

If you see the product you are buying has a broken seal or cap, it could mean it's fake. 

 Notice Smell and Consistency

If you are a regular user of a product, then you would be able to identify any changes in smell and consistency, showing it is fake. 

Check Brushes And Sponges

If your cosmetics come with brushes and sponges, check them for size and quality. Fake ones will have low quality or different sizes of these in comparison with the original. 

Try The Patch Test

To be doubly sure or rule out any doubts, always try the products on a small area of your skin first. 

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