Tips To Look Virtual Meeting-Ready!

Tips To Look Virtual Meeting-Ready!

Online meetings call for just the right amount of makeup and dressing. Let us tell you how!

How Not To Look Dull?

Use a thin eyeliner or mascara to make you look more awake. A nude eyeshadow can also help.

Eye Makeup

Use a light pink blush to give that glow or an illuminating foundation.


Never use glossy lipstick, as a web camera is not exactly flattering. Use a matte, nude shade.


Wear a colorful and bright top to make you stand out on screen.

What To Wear On Top?

If you are attending a long, intense meeting, you may need some leg room in between to move around. So focus on your leg attire too!

Bottom Is Important Too

Wear statement pieces, instead of chunky ones. Simple studs with a single pendant is enough to brighten it up!

Accessorize Minimally

Your room’s lighting can make or break your look, so ensure you get the light right!

Lastly, Check Your Lighting

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