Here’s How To Prevent it! 

Makeup Induced Acne?

Cleaning The Applicators

Whether it’s a brush, cotton pad, or sponges, wash with an antiseptic soap at least twice a week. 

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

Wipe your face clean of the day’s makeup. Follow up with your regular night-time skincare routine. 

Switch To Mineral Makeup 

Liquid makeup contains oils, while mineral ones are powder-based. It suits acne-prone skin and does not clog pores.

Apply Makeup Gently

Rubbing your face hard with brushes or pads will only trigger skin irritation and lead to acne. 

Don’t Skip On Your Skincare

Skipping your skincare routine will lead to patchy makeup and clogged skin, causing breakouts faster. 

Go Bare At Times

If your skin is constantly caked with makeup, it will become dull and the clogged pores will trigger acne. Let it breathe once in a while! 


Use a gentle cleanser to double cleanse and get rid of all possible bacteria, fine dust, oil, and the like. 

Bonus Tips

Avoid scraping or scratching acne, as it will only get worse. Double cleanse, use the right makeup, and you are sorted! 

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