Brittle Nails

Top 5 Causes For 

 Brittle Nails Needs Your Attention

Brittle nails need your attention, whether it is caused by over-polishing or due to a health concern. 

What Are Brittle Nails?

 Nails that crack, chip, split or peel easily can be called brittle nails. 

What Causes Brittle Nails?

Everything from the weather to aging to poor nutrition can make nails brittle. Let’s see the top reasons behind it. 

Growing Old

Nails may dry out and grow more slowly as one gets older, leading to brittle nails. 

Low Thyroid Levels 

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid levels) lessen the body's sweat, leading to drier hair, skin, and nails.


Having a low blood count can make your nails brittle or cave inwards in a spoon shape. 

Not Enough Nutrients

Low calcium and vitamin levels can lead to scaly skin, dry hair, and brittle nails. 

Too Much Moisture

Keeping your hands wet for prolonged hours can dry the nails out, making them soft and easy to peel. 

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