Why Is Your Hair Turning Gray Already?

Premature graying may be because of numerous reasons.

Early Graying

When melanin production reduces in the hair root, new hair grows without pigment.

Less Melanin

If your ancestors had gray hair at an early age, it is likely that you will, too.


Hair has protein, and its deficiency may lead to loss of hair pigment.

Insufficient Protein Intake

If the immune system attacks its own body cells instead of invader cells, it leads to gray hair.

Autoimmune Diseases

Hair might turn gray if there’s an imbalance between oxygen-containing molecules and antioxidants in your body.

Oxidative Stress

Stress, anxiety, and worries for prolonged periods deplete stem cells in hair follicles and result in premature graying.

Mental Stress

Not including essential nutrients and frequently eating fast food may block hair follicles.

Unhealthy Eating