Make Your Nails Grow Faster With These Easy Hacks

You can make your nails grow with a few common ingredients.

How Can You Grow Them Faster?

It’s rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and helps you get long and strong nails.

Coconut Oil

Folic acid in green, leafy vegetables can help you obtain long and healthy nails.


The calcium in eggshells promotes nail growth. Crush a few until they’ve turned into powder, and mix it with your nail polish.

Egg Shells

Dip your nails in some lemon juice. Let them dry for five minutes before washing them with warm water. It promotes nail growth.

Lemon Juice

Keep your nails moisturized for faster nail growth.

Nail Cream

Trim them regularly, always use a base coat before applying nail polish, and clean them.

Groom Your Nails

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