For Early 20s

Unmissable Skincare Picks

A Gentle Face Cleanser

Opt for a gentle face cleanser that removes excess oil and dirt without making the skin dry. 

Micellar Water For A Clear Skin

Hydrates your skin as it helps retain moisture effectively. 

Vitamin C Serum Is A Must-Have

Offers added layers of sun protection and promotes collagen production.

Sunscreen Is Non-Negotiable

It will protect your skin from damage caused by UV rays. 

Retinol Is The Golden Standard 

It builds collagen and also reverses photoaging without irritating your skin.

Eye Cream Is Unmissable 

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes start showing up in the early 20s and that's why eye cream is necessary.

Scrub For A Fresh Skin

Scrub away all the impurities, dead skin, blackheads, and dirt for soft, fresh skin. 

A Hyaluronic Acid For Smooth Skin

It gently hydrates the skin and prevents breakouts that may still be present. 

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