Makeup On Point

Ways To Make Your Sunkissed

Time To Take The Makeup Bag Out

Did you really think you have to sit under the sun to get a sunkissed glow? No Sir! The secret to getting the perfect glow is in your makeup bag.

Prep Your Skin

Start preparing your skin with the CTM ritual.

Sunscreen To The Rescue

Start with a matte sunscreen of SPF 30 and above.

Next Comes Hydration

Dab some moisturizer on your face to retain the freshness of your skin.

Then The Primer 

Use a primer to create an even tone canvas for the makeup to blend in.

 Time For Liquid Foundation

Apply a pea-size foundation on your face and even it out with the help of a blending brush.

Apply Concealer

Now dab your favorite concealer under your eyes, forehead, chin, and bridge of your nose.


Now for the most important step, contour your neck, jawline, cheekbone, and hairline with your bronzer to get that final finish.

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