Large Pores

Ways You Can Minimize 

Make Sure To Cleanse Your Face Daily

Regular exfoliation and daily cleansing help in cleaning the pores.

Opt For Water Or Gel Based Products

It will keep your skin hydrated without making it excessively oily.

Add Scrub To Weekly Skincare

It removes dead skin and cleanses the pores.

Apply Sunscreen Everyday

It protects the skin from UV rays causing pores to enlarge.

Use Clay Mask Twice A Week

It removes excess oil and dirt from pores.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Unless you cleanse the face avoid touching your face.

Treat Your Skin With Chemical Peel

It's the perfect solution for tightening pores. 

Apply Retinoid Cream Every Night 

It boosts skin cell turnover and minimizes the pores.

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