Signs You Are Over-exfoliating Your Skin

It is the process of removing dead cells, dirt, and grime from the outer layers of the skin using a gentle scrub.

What’s Exfoliation?

If not done correctly, it may cause more harm than good.

Can Exfoliation Go Wrong?

Over-exfoliating your skin may lead to skin concerns. Tap to find out more.

Are You Over-exfoliating Your Skin?

If exfoliation turns your skin red, it’s time to be more gentle.


Put a pause on exfoliation if it makes your skin itch.


Over-exfoliating turns skin dry and rough.


Have your wrinkles become more prominent? Chances are, you’re over-exfoliating.

Visible Wrinkles

Over-exfoliation may cause flaking. Moisturize well and exfoliate only in moderation.


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