What Causes

Facial Redness?

Facial Redness?

Facial redness may look cute when the reason behind it is a blush or even embarrassment, but when does it turn into a skin concern?

Not Your Pretty Blush

If an extreme emotional state is not why your face is red, what is causing it? Tap to know!

Know Your Reasons

If you come in contact with a substance that you are allergic to, you might experience facial redness.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

You may have an allergic reaction to common substances used at home or work, like fragrances, hygiene products, or even ink.

Pay Careful Attention

A skin concern caused by yeast, this leads to patchy red marks around the nose and is more common in people with oily skin.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Your skin may be triggered by hot drinks, topical products, certain food items, or UV exposure in this condition. It’s best to get it tested to understand what leads to it.


Spending too much time in the sun can cause the blood vessels to expand, thus giving the skin a persistent redness. This is more common in people with low melanin.

Too Much Sun

Bet you didn’t know this one! Many people get red skin right before being hit with a migraine. You know what to look out for right before the onset of your next one.


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