BB Glow Treatment - All You Need To Know About It

BB glow is a cosmetic procedure that traces its origin to Korea.

What Is BB Glow Treatment

A highly effective tinted pigment is applied to the skin by using a nano-needle or micro needle.

How Is It Done?

It is done to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as to correct uneven skin tone.

Why Is It Done?

As per experts there are documented side effects to it such as.

Is It Safe?

Patchy skin color could be one of the side effects of this procedure.

Patchy Skin

It might also lead to skin irritation and rashes.


Experts suggest only getting it done from experienced and trained professionals.

So Should You Get One Done?

Strive towards a healthy nourished skin rather than going for cosmetic treatments such as BB Glow.

Expert Opinion

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