The Rise Of Zoom Dysmorphia

It means looking at your filtered selfies and wishing you looked like that in real life.

Heard about Snapchat Dysmorphia?

Zoom dysmorphia is knocking at the door.

Now We Have A New Problem

The urge to improve one’s perceived appearance on video calls.

What’s Zoom Dysmorphia?

An increased desire for cosmetic surgeries and treatments to look more presentable.

What Happens Here?

For socializing and work conferences.

Video Calls Have Become Common

And that leads to insecurities about our appearances.

We Have To Confront Our Reflections All Day

We usually focus on our forehead, under the eyes, and mouth.

When On A Video Call

And think that’s all the other people see.

We Exaggerate Our Flaws

Be Confident In Your Own Skin.