The Shape Of Your Lips 

Holds Secrets About Your Personality

Holds Secrets About Your Personality

Full, thin, curvy, or straight – lips have a story to tell.

Puckered Secrets

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What Do The Shape Of Your Lips Say About You?

You most likely put everyone else’s needs before your own, and you’re surrounded by reliable people.

Full Lips

You usually prefer your own company and are less expressive than those with fuller lips.

Thin Lips

If you have lips that are neither too thin nor too thick, you know how to maintain a balance in your life and relationships.

Goldilocks Lips

You’re a natural giver and nurturer, and tend to be emotional.

Undefined Cupid’s Bow

Your kindness and compassion draw people towards you.

Rounded Cupid’s Bow

Ah, the creative and witty ones! You are a great communicator.

Peaked Cupid’s Bow

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